Why wood is good

Why wood is good

When it comes to finding good-looking, hard-wearing, materials for your venue it’s worth remembering the old adage ‘nature knows best’.

Stone, slate and granite all make for interiors with integrity, with qualities that improve with age. But the most versatile of natural materials, the one that can be adapted to the widest range of uses and suit the most diverse settings, must be wood.

At Ambience Designs our craftsmen are expert in creating great-looking, durable furniture from this environmentally-friendly source. The wood we use is not just chosen for its looks: every type of wood has its own particular strengths.

From mahogany, used in boat building and bar fittings (thanks to its high resistance to swelling and warping caused by water) to maple, a pale, hard-wearing wood much in demand for flooring and bowling alley lanes, the qualities and characteristics of individual woods are key to selecting the right one for your project.

Ordering bespoke furniture from us will give you access to this specialist knowledge. We’re able to guide you through the decision-making process, taking factors including aesthetics, budget and practicality into account.

As you might expect, this expertise leads to a high-quality product. All our wood is precision dried before it enters our workshop – ensuring that the furniture we create will not warp or crack once it’s in use. And our top quality lacquer finishes, which make all furniture heat resistant to 180 ̊C, ensure it’s not damaged by hot mugs, hot Balti pans or spills!