• W London

    W London

    Soho’s most valuable hotel This landmark hotel of more than 200 bedrooms provides a 5-star focal point to London’s Leicester...

  • Golf Inn

    Golf Inn

    Situated not far from the beautiful capital of Scotland, in Gullane – is a perfect combination of rolling countryside and coastal...

  • Shilling Brewing Co.

    Shilling Brewing Co.

    In a city with a centuries old heritage of pioneering brewing, Shilling Brewing Co. is bringing beer back into vogue. Located in the heart of...

  • Faux versus real leather

    Faux versus real leather

    Faux or faux pas? One of the most frequent questions we get asked by clients planning a new venue, or a refurbishing an existing one, is...

  • Good enough colour to eat!?

    Good enough colour to eat!?

    Colour can be a major factor in a restaurant’s success, and studying the science behind colour, and its effect on appetite and mood, will pay...

  • Scandi style plays part in restaurant boom

    Scandi style plays part in restaurant boom

    Elegant simplicity and hard-wearing materials...

  • A good night's sleep

    A good night's sleep

    The main consideration when re-furbishing a hotel is to ensure that practicality is combined with design suitability for your environment.

  • Why wood is good

    Why wood is good

    Built to last by craftsmen who care about what they make.

  • News Hero

    Pavement poise

    A chic outside space for a venue that's grown as quickly as its reputation.